Invitation To Dinner

Come over, my love

I’d like to prepare a meal for you.


Taste this soup-

Does it make your tongue tingle warmly with soft tangy flavours?

Try it with some bread and butter-

Do you feel it soften inside your mouth and slowly glide down your throat?


Take a bite of some of my Shepherds Pie, fashioned with love, sweat and a whole lot of potatoes-

Does it cover the walls of your belly like a blanket in the winter?


Have some dessert, my dear

Feel the sweet juices of these fruits fill your mouth

and your heart

If you like, you can dip them in my honey pot, tell me what that tastes like


Spicy, Salty, Sweet and Sweeter

Different flavours I have to offer

Your palate isn’t getting any younger

So wisen up and accept my invitation to dinner


via Daily Prompt: Spicy


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