I was walking along Run Lane- just about to turn into Irony Street- when I bumped into you. I opened my mouth to give a quick apology but when I looked up at your face, I froze. I must have looked like a damn fool standing there with my mouth ajar. It’s just that you caught me off-guard. You see, I like to watch the sunset as it reflects on the skyscraper windows, but I never thought I’d come across anything that would distract me from that. Love at first sight, they call it.

You looked at me with mild curiosity as you cocked your head to the side. I realised it must’ve been my stupid expression that made you react like that so I closed my mouth and tried to regain my composure. I’m not used to being rendered speechless; I guess I finally met my match.

I smiled as I stared at your face, wondering what you were going to say or do. You smiled back at me and your eyes twinkled. We stood there, in the middle of irony street, foolishly grinning at each other. I then noticed the girl you were with. Had she been there all along? I mean I could have sworn that at that particular moment we were the only people in the world.

She impatiently tugged on your arm and began to walk ahead of you,  signalling that she was getting uncomfortable with the situation- or maybe you were late for something- I don’t know. All I know is that you hesitantly followed, it almost looked like she was dragging you away from our little magnetic force field of instant attraction. I stood there and watched the two of you walk away. You turned back, and smiled at me, that sheepish but incredibly sexy grin- bumping into at least three people as you walked away. I watched until your smile disappeared behind the sea of faces trying to get home before rush hour, watched as your head bobbed up and down, through the crowd until you disappeared.

I stood there, smiling at the ground, the sky, the other faceless people. I should have spoken to you. Maybe asked for your name and phone number. This little encounter happened years ago and was so brief but for me, it was love at first sight.

I know I’m going to see you again and when I do- I’m going to speak to you. Maybe get your name and phone number. For now, dreaming about your eyes and smile is enough for me. Come down Irony Street sometime my dear, and don’t bring that girl with you. I want to give you the passport to my heart.


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