Careful, Honey

Careful not to share too much, or you’ll become an open book

Careful not to share too little, or you’ll evoke a sense of spook


Careful, make sure every word in this post rhymes

Careful not to invite a guy over after you’ve had too much wine


Careful not to let your feelings get in the way

or ruin your day

Careful not to ignore the tell-tale signs that trouble is just a second away


Careful not to hold the blade when  your arms are shaking from fear

If you do, be careful honey, make sure you at least do it when your mind is clear


Careful not to succumb to your thoughts of death and suicide

Careful not to- this one’s up to you- just decide

Careful not to take too much but much more than enough

Careful not to pull out halfway through, for this- you need to be tough!


Careful not to play a song you like- The World or Ex Factor

Because every time you listen to them now, you quake with laughter


No, not laughter, you silly confused girl, you end up shaking with fear. Because deep, deep down, you can tell your end is near.




(Set featured image is from one of my favourite picture blogs:


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