Je suis Partie Là-bas

You know how when you go through such a painful experience and it feels like the pain will never end?

Well today, I realised that my pain has subsided. The wound you left when you took my heart and split it open with your careless actions has finally healed.

I am no longer a slave to my tormenting thoughts of what was or what could have been. I am no longer bound by memories of your laugh, your eyes and your beautiful smile. I finally realised that it is unfair of me to deny myself happiness just because you and me were never meant to be.

I am love.

I am light.

I am a warrior.

I have had my heart broken but I cannot let that stop me from enjoying life and all the beauty it has to offer. I have finally let go of all the hurt and all the anger. I leave that to the universe to let all good and bad deeds be repaid accordingly.

I am love

I am light

And I am ready to give another the love that you never deserved from me.

Je suis partie là-bas mon-chérie!



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