I have this ‘digital notepad’ where I write down the weird things that intrigue me as well as the many, many questions I have about the world we live in. I usually look at it when I’m bored and research on some of the things in there; its basically my attempt at “expanding my horizons of knowledge.”

Anyway, I was bored today and I decided to check out my notepad and look at some of the things I wrote and I found an interesting one; “Why don’t ships sink when the anchor is on board, even though the anchor is supposed to be heavy enough to keep the ship still?” I researched for like 30 minutes (which is A LOT for me, even though I love wasting time on the internet) and I found out: NOTHING. lol. Well at least I know more about anchors than the average citizen so that’s something.

And then I had this revelation-like thought:

What if life was an endless sea and we were like boats, sailing through it until our ship crashed, ran out of coal or fuel or whatever, or capsized in a hurricane? [For anyone who’s lost, sea=life, ships=humans and all that stuff about fuel and hurricanes=death.] Forget the question I asked about anchors sinking ships while on board. That’s just my over-active mind and trippy thoughts when I’ve had too much coke. (coca-cola guys, don’t do drugs pls)

Ok, back to my metaphor/analogy or whatever. An anchor is basically supposed to keep a ship grounded. This humans-as-ships analogy is pretty darn accurate because we-as humans-need anchors. There are times when we just need to get things off our chests, ride out a storm or jut stop and reflect on what direction to take when making life-changing decisions. My question to you today is this; Who/ what do you consider to be your anchor?

Different people have different answers. Some people have a family member as an anchor, others a friend. For the non-singletons; their significant other, and for some it could be abstract things such as art or music or dance.

Here’s the thing though, what happens when your anchor fails? Are you doomed to succumb to the tidal waves of life until your ship sinks or gets destroyed?

This is what I know from my PhD in anchor physics that I acquired from my 30-min internet research, it’s actually recommended that ships use more than one anchor, especially large ships. Of course it depends on the situation. If the ship is simply ‘resting’ (lol, so sorry guys, this is where my PhD ends) then one anchor is alright, but when caught in a storm, then as many anchors as possible are needed.

I guess it’s the same thing with us humans. Anchors are like our SUPPORT SYSTEM. I place great emphasis on the word system because a system can’t work with only one component. It needs to have ins and outs (inputs and outputs) and different entities and what not… you get what I mean.

So basically, we need systems to hold us in place. Your system can comprise of a trusted friend, a family member, maybe even a counselor and possibly some Michael Bolton to get you through a tough break-up. Whatever works for you.

Oh and this isn’t some advice article. Don’t think that because I went real deep in “17-03-2016” I now see myself as a certified life-advice giver, no. This is actually more of a reflection. I used to think that I would be able to ride out life’s storms on my own until I almost got lost at sea. It’s been a tough 3 months trying to find myself, re-direct my compass and set sail for my goals again.

I learnt that I need those anchors man. I really do. It’s not easy to open up to other people about what you’re going though but “a problem shared is half solved.”

Anyway, it’s 2:20am and I’ve kinda forgotten how I wanted to end this post. So until next time, good luck and take care of yourself.



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